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Dynamic Customer Solutions | Transform your customer engagement
Low cost operations

Reach the ultimate efficiency by lowering costs where it matters

Data driven metrics

Gain valuable insights that keep the focus on your customer journey

Exceptional Quality

Reach outstanding quality in providing the best customer service

Long term partnerships

Establish long standing partnerships with your customers

What do we stand for?

The best customer contact and data analysis combined together

DCS provides support across multi-channel customer engagement. We deliver exceptional service combining a dedicated customer contact centre with over 6,000 people with AI data analytics and best in class technology. This combination ensures that we can precisely tailor our solutions to your needs.

We have the ability to respond to any type of contact that a customer may choose to come through 24/7/365.

Providing an unparalleled service of customer insight and exceptional quality customer engagement.

Voice calls a day
Emails a day
Chats a day

Services we offer

We provide our clients with customer insight solutions that drive efficiencies and increase quality with customer interactions.

customer contact

We provide omni-channel services including voice, email, chat and back office services, allowing your business to stay open 24/7.

Our call centre and BPO services leverage the power of the worldwide web and leading-edge technology to provide unique and transparent communication solutions.


Our AI data analysis engine provides the ability to interpret and analyse vast amounts of data that would not otherwise be possible.

This provides real insight into the performance of your business, allowing you to proactively adapt to issues before they escalate and capitalise on opportunities before they slip away. 

customer engagement transformation

The combination of our operational capability and cutting-edge analysis technology enables us to provide support that:

Reduces Cost

Improves Consistency & Quality

Improves RoI

Identifies pain points and effective resolution options

Start your customer engagement transformation today


What is the service that DCS offers?

Our main solution is customer insight –  a service that combines the best of technology with an exceptionally high performing customer contact centre.

Our customer contact services include:

  • Web chat 
  • Voice Call (In or Outbound) 
  • Email Response 
  • Market Surveys 
  • Outbound Sales

Our data analysis services include:

  • AI based Data Analytics 
  • Public Review Data 
  • Complaint Data Insights 
  • Competitor Benchmarking 
  • Metric Driven Performance Indicators 

How do we effectively implement this service?

We get it, this is about engaging with the most important factor to your business, your customers. It is not easy to relinquish that control. To gradually transition we can adopt the simplest processes and interactions.

As you come to trust our expertise and approach, we can take on as much of the process as you require. 

contact information

fill out the form or email us at: